Rules of the dice

Fans of gambling have found in the dice the favorite option to decide the luck over some event throughout history. With these numbered cubes, the winners have been determined in many contests. And is that, who has not been tempted to try luck ever through these popular cubic pieces?

Rules of the dice

This pastime is originally from England, specifically in Hazard Castle. Hazard’s game is the ancestor of the entertainment of the current dice and was the preferred distraction of the soldiers of the castle, who, at that time, tenta to luck through the dice.

Although for the time the rules of the dice were not well detailed, it was a popular entertainment that served as an award for the game, as we enjoyed today.

At present we have up with formats for dice from the online casino, with its Popular slot Versioned in all languages. Of course, it is worth noting that among the main languages in which this online fun is resulted in Australian, being the public in Spain one of the most prone to games and betting.

The online dice currently have a great favoritism of the public guests and are the predilects in the casinos.

Start dice online It is extremely easy. Obviously the victorious numerical combination formula is scheduled in advance and can be obtained in one or several round round after pressing the “roll on” button, of course, always under the regulations of what we know today as the rules of the dice .

It is more than obvious to scroll that before starting the game each bettor must be sure to know all the rules. In the dice, the rules are accurate and should be known both by the participants in the dice of the casino in the network, and by the players in the real casinos dice.

Components of the dice online

Online dice tables are designed for the player to feel the feeling of being in front of a real casino table. The virtual world projects the table by a rectangular cover in green, whose characters transmit the same appearance and characteristics of the real structures of the casino dice.

An online dice table has a characteristic format where all possible types of bets are reflected. The game mode is the same as on a table for dice of the real casino. All bets are placed and the player clicks on the respective button called Roll that simulates the rotation of the dice in the true casinos.

At the online dice tables the bets are made against the banking and the advantage is that, unlike the true tables, there are no other players participating in the Round, so we do not have to be intimidated, especially if we are novice in the dice.

What if you have to always be very clear are the rules of the dice, as it is done in a true casino.

Rules of the dice online

The rules of the online dice have the same bases as physical versions. Actions, passes and rounds are made figured in the simulator or virtual machine. As we have been pointing, the ideal thing to get out airy in the dice game It will always be very attentive to the rules of the dice.

The first step is to make the corresponding bets, which revolve around choosing between the already known modalities, such as: the pass line and the non-pass line. Let’s see what each one consists of:

Line of pass : It comprises the turns whose sum reaches a total of 7 or 11, and will allow the player to continue in the contest. Obtaining the number corresponding to 2, 3, or 12 implies that you have obtained a “craps”, and points out that you have lost the bet.

Any number obtained differently than those previously indicated determines that you still have better possibilities in the Round. You can continue on the play until the number released previously, indicating that you win the bet or on the other hand you get a 7, in which case you will have lost everything, giving way to another new round of betting.

The counts that involve the numbers with the possibility of continuing in the bet are made through a croupier. This places a species of marker that points out the score you have accumulated in the play, at the online casino level this is done simulated simulated.

Line : It establishes that the winner is one who obtains 2, 3 or a 12. With the latter the variant is that for some casinos the number twelve establishes a draw, so it will be attentive to the rules of the dice established for the play .

Under this game rule is lost when removing an 11 or a 7. When obtaining number different from 2, 3, 12, 11 or 7, the croupier will place an indicative on the table that reflects the sum that you have obtained, which will allow you Continue in the Round.

Characteristics of casino dice online

In the dice, the rules allow different types of bets and modalities with names and specific types. You should not worry, your practice and how simple your rules will allow you to memorize them to become an experienced player.

The types of bet you can find in the casino dice are:

  • Field betting : In this bet, if luck accompanies you, you earn if you can reach 2, 3, 4, 9, 10, 11 or 12 with the dice. Sure, if you get a 2 then you will win 2 to 1, and if you get a 12, then you can win 3 to 1.
  • Horn bets : Establishes that the winner is the one who obtains in his next turn of dice a 2, 3,11 or 12.
  • Proposition bets : They are the most filled with adrenaline, in them the bet is to determine a winning number for the roll that can be any number. These propositions can be done at any time of the Round.
  • Difficult bets : I bet you get the victory with double numbers, anyone before getting a 7 with the dice.
  • Winning or loser bet : In the winner is bet on whether one of these numbers will appear: 4, 5, 6, 8, 9 or 10 before number 7. In the case of loser bets it is established that the 7 will come out before any of the numbers chosen by the players.
  • Ases betting : They establish that it is betting that the number 2 will come out in the roll.

How to play dice online?

In the dice the rules and processes of online game They are similar to the live version, but with the simulations of the virtual world.

This game consists of leaving the luck of the bet in two dice that when launching themselves randomly who is the victor. Everything happens according to the rules of the dice that have been paused before starting the play.

As in the actual versions, we must establish the methodology that will be used for the play relative to the pass line or no pass line, as well as the type of bet that will mark the guide of the game. Each player will launch the dice according to the turn of him in the round, understanding that on the online level there is only one player against the house.

The advantage of playing the dice online is that the scenic fear that is generated when competing with a large number of experienced players agglomerated around the table is dissipated.

In the same way the confusions product of the terms and plays, as well as betting on the table, will be easier to dominate in the comfort of a computer or, failing that, a smartphone.

Online the game allows you to enter the times you want with the particularity of accessing free moves.

The ease of these platforms online makes you do not need to download the game on your computer or mobile device. And in the case you want to play in bets with real money, the methods and payment systems are reliable, safe and endorsed by renowned portals for payments. Your bonuses and winnings will be safe.

Glossary of terms of online casino dice

Like all board game, the dice are not only handled through a series of rules that we know as the rules of the dice, they also count on their have a series of terms, phrases and strategies for the dice that you must learn to understand And really dominate this discipline, if you want, of course, becoming a famous player of this casino entertainment.

In the dice the rules and the terms will give you prestige and reliability when making your bets, both cash and free.

The terms refer both to numerical combinations and phrases of the plays that make up the rules of the game. Let’s see, then, some of the most used expressions in the dice:

  • Numbers : (1-1) Snake Eye, (1-2) Two Aces, (1-4.2-3) Fiever of Five, (4-6) Ten Easy, (5-5) Ten Easy, (4- 4) Square pair, (1-4.2-3) Casino fever.
  • Field betting : Bets based on removing the number indicated with a single roll.
  • Off betting : This term refers to that for the next round rounds some betting modalities will not be allowed.
  • Border or limit : It is the advantage that the casino also named the house many times has over the players and their bets.
  • Data played : This denomination is used for those dice that do not have a standard format, are crooked, for example.
  • Great red : Another term with which one is named at number 7 at a dice table.
  • Furgonero. : It is the person in charge of supervising the actions and order at the table.
  • Rounding : Rounding of betting earnings, either up or down.
  • Sit a bet : In this type the bettor sets that in multiple shots a seven will come out before other combinations.

Really the list of glossaries and phrases is quite extensive for the game of dice, but do not feel overwhelmed by it. Practice makes a master.

Remember that the possibilities of plays offered by online casinos, will make you not feel intimidated by the presence of other more experienced players. You can, in addition, exercise for free through a video format.

In our online casinos you will get to learn strategies for the dice and you will understand your rules of play. Attached to this, you will have entertainment available for you all day with just clicking on the “Roll On” button. Dare to play and throw the dice!