The Baccarat game, or will look as it is called in Spain, basically it is that the casino or the player who achieves 9 points with the combination of the letters obtained or that it achieves some numbers near 9. All this through the distribution By the croupier of a minimum of 2 cards and up to a maximum of 3.

Now, at the Baccarat table, the player in his choice can make one of 3 types of bets. These can be: to the point, to the banking or the draw. It is important to emphasize that in the Baccarat the cards 10, J, Q and K are equivalent to 0, the aces have a value of 1, and the rest of the cards have the value they indicate on their back.

The player must know the Baccarat rules to plan solid strategies that allow him to take advantage of the advantage that probabilities give him over the casino.

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When you enter an online casino looking to earn real money, one of the most amazing play options is Bacaccarat. On the Internet there is a chance to learn how to play it free, observing videos and downloading free manuals, to instruct you about Baccarat Rules, and Baccarat’s strategies.

Returning to the subject of play baccarat online, When you enter the web platforms, the first thing you observe is the very detailed graph of a Baccarat table on whose lower left edge you look at some 7 chips of different values. These chips are pressed to determine the amount of the bet.

In the top central part of the table are 3 areas demarcated in which you are betting: the player, to the banking or the draw and this action is done with the pointer or cursor of the computer.

In the lower central part of the table there are 4 buttons that are used to buy chips, to recharge real money, to remove the money earned and to exit the game.

The online casino baccarat game is developed in a vertiginous way, which makes it exciting and dynamic, so the player must be attentive to situations that are presented to him if he is planted or not. The amounts that bet on baccarat online will depend on the casino.


On the Internet there is abundant material in Australian on the Baccarat rules online. In these materials, they explain how these rules apply both in the online game, like when you play baccarat on slot machines or slot machines. Then, in general features, we have the baccarat rules are:


When the baccarat rules refer to the point they apply as follows:

  • Once the 2 cards are obtained, they are added, and if the sum of both is obtained 0.1,2.3 or 4 points, another card is distributed.
  • When the combination of its first 2 cards obtains 5 points you must ask for a third letter.
  • When the sum of its first 2 Barajas gets 6 or 7 points, the player has the choice of planting, that is, not asking for more letters, or asking for a third low letter his own risk.
  • Yes of the first 2 letters you get 8 or 9 points, the hand is named natural, plants and the game ends.


Now, the baccarat rules regarding banking are:

  • If the numbers 0, 1 or 2 are obtained from their first 2 cards, and for its part, the point obtains 0.1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9, the third letter is requested.
  • Banking should ask for a third letter as long as you get 3, and the point adds in the third deck 0.1,2,3,4,5,6,7, 8 or 9.
  • Banking will ask for a third letter if you have 4 points in the first 2 cards and the point on its third signs amount 2,3,4,5,6 or 7, unless the point in the third letter obtains 0.1, 8 Or 9, this will exempt the banking asking that third deck.
  • The bench will ask for another letter if it adds 5, and the point sum in its third card 4,5,6 or 7, but is exempt if the point obtains in that third deck 0.1,2,3,8 and 9.
  • Once the first 2 cards are obtained, the Banking adds 6 and for its part the point in the third deck adds 6 or 7. In this case the bench will ask for a third letter, except only if the point gets in that last letter 0.1 , 2,3,4,5,8 or 9.
  • If the bench gets 7 points in its first 2 letters, it is planted and will not ask for a third.

Who dominates the Baccarat the rules, has the game lived.


At present there are several forms of play baccarat online, They have a moderate popularity and with its own characteristics. If we have the most popular ones:

  • Baccarat Point and Banking: In this you can participate up to fourteen players against the casino. Between the bench and the point they are alternating. Before the cards are distributed, it is bet or by the point, on the banking or a tie.
  • Baccarat live online: It is played the same and with the same rules of the baccarat point and banking, with the difference that the live participation of a croupier with the online participation of the players is mixed.
  • El Gold Baccarat: It is played in the same way as the modality of the baccarat point and banking, with the only difference that the player can bet on both the point and the draw, or to the banking and the draw. What can not be done is to bet on the point and banking at the same time.

In all the modalities of Baccarat of the casino, the same game rules indicated above, which are applied automatically by the casino who in turn regulates the limit of bets.


First enter the online casino of your preference, obviously ours offers you the best. You must be clear that in the Baccarat the rules require study to master the game well, here, in this article, we show you. Remember that the rules of the game are the same.

Then we recommend, as a key Baccarat strategy for your game, which if you get 6 or 7 points you plan yourself. Do not forget to enter the online casinos that give you bonuses for playing, ours is one of them. With these tips under your sleeve, playing online baccarat will be very productive and fun.

Once you enter the casino baccarat table, select the number of chips you will bet on each hand, clicking on the respective tabs located on the edge of the table.

Make your bet by clicking on the area area, the bench or tie at your choice. To increase the bet or for removing a bet, right-click on the tab located within the bet area.

When you have bet, click on the “Distribution” button, to start the game. When you start the game, two cards are distributed for the player and two for the bench.

You can ask for an additional deck depending on the number of points obtained from the sum of those 2 first letters. It is recommended to read the Baccarat rules of the casino in this regard.

After distributing all the decks, the bets are immediately paid or withdrawing depending on the one who is winning.

To perform the same bet, press “Distribute”, and to change the bet or delete it, click “Delete”, and replace the bet again.

In the lower left part shows you the balance that you have left to continue playing. If the balance is less than the bet to perform the system indicate that you recompress for which you must press the respective button. Finally, to leave the Baccarat game of the casino, press the Exit button.

Always keep the good baccarat strategies that we show you here here will make you increase in large proportions your profits.


To perform as a professional in Baccarat it is necessary first to meet the rules, well if you are going to play online, or if you are going to play baccarat of the smallest casino in your city.

It is essential to know the rules of games and terminology to achieve optimal performance and achieve the best results, for which many online casinos offer free lessons. Below you will find a list with the most used jargon in this exciting game.

  • baccarat: Game that consists of achieving adding 9 points with the use of 3 maximum decks.
  • Baccarat Rules: In Baccarat the rules are the set of rules that regulates the interaction during a Baccarat hand.
  • Baccarat strategy: They are those tactics that are used to be better chance of winning the game.
  • Online casino baccarat: It is the game that takes place on a website destined to provide this type of entertainment.
  • Croupier: It is the casino worker who distributes the decks, picks up the bet and pay them and serve as a representative of the banking.
  • Bank: Term used to point out the one that eventually corresponds to the cards, and by which you can bet during the hand of Baccarat.
  • Point: It is that position that corresponds to the one who has to receive the cards and must bet first, which can do so much for the point and on the banking or the tie.
  • Naipers: It refers to the decks that are used by Baccarat’s hand.
  • Natural: When 8 or 9 is obtained in the first 2 cards, and the end of the hand occurs.
  • balk: When you get 6 or 7 with the first 2 cards.