The online bingo has come to be the most requested free game in online casinos. On our website it has caused furor, especially in those classic players. But, do you want to know where this famous game of chance came from?


If we think about casino and a good game of chance, we are going to mind moments of euphoria that passionate, the easiest ways to have fun and get or duplicate real money. Bingo, is the name and expression that the participants who win in this famous game are shown.

Popularly known all over the world and at homes of fun as bingo; It is one of the gambling that has transcended at a cultural and social level. When you enter a casino you can not miss, apart from the Rollets and the Slot machines, the preferred bingo.

In our day to day, in the most used Internet explorers, it is very common to see this type of searches: “Start online bingo” or “play free bingo”. And it is currently possible to play bingo from the comfort of your home through the Internet and without paying a penny, or doing heavy records.


It is unknown for sure that exact culture comes from the popular game, but historically resembles the Italian lottery, which for more than five hundred years has been played in this country, becoming essential to generate annual income of millions of dollars.

The first to adopt the habit of playing bingo were the French, who established the rules that today are used. Only those of High Society enjoyed this privilege. Subsequently, it was extended throughout Europe until we reach North America through town trade fairs and circuses.


Bingo is the game of chance par excellence that can occur among many people, and consisting of scoring on cartons certain numbers that a speaker randomly extracts from a hype, and dictates them. These numbers come in ball format.

The game ends and wins when a player has gotten a pattern or has crossed all the numbers that appear in the cardboard. It sounds quite easy, but the truth is that it costs a bit victorious from this game, and many people tend to lose large amounts of money.

For that reason we invite you to learn the essential tactics through the free bingo on our websites, to become an expert without investing anything. And then that you are a whole bingo professional, and you know the famous “bingo strategies”, you can take advantage of it and earn real money.

Stay in this post if what you want is to learn more about matter. We are not going to teach you simply to play, we have arranged for you a lot of valuable information, as well as certain important aspects that you must learn to win at the casino from your home.


Although bingo has many versions, each of them, finally, is an adaptation of the original game. There are only two variations of bingo, and depend on the number of listed balls that are dictated, these are: 90 balls and 75 balls.

Bingo 90

This modality is the one that is played with balls listed from 1 to 90, in collective game rooms simultaneously. Cardons are also 15 numbers over 90 and are only worth it for a game, it is the most popular since it is more likely to win.

Bingo 75

It is the most played bingo type in the United States, in this modality there are balls ranging from number 1 to 75. The objective is, too, marking the cardboard, but with the difference that you can win by creating patterns like: lines , crosses or diagonals.

Bingo 33

It is the classic Bingo 90 game with the same cardboard system, but much faster. It consists of extracting 33 balls listed and in the end corroborate the bingo obtained from each player, by double line or filled cardboard.

bingo online

It is the same system that we have presented before, and that is in trend, but with the difference that it is through the Internet. Starters enter a web portal and buy the cardboard they want. It is generally the classic of 90 in Australian, but the online classic of 75 can also be found, and others more.


In the format it is, the bingo is very popular. And this does not happen only in casinos, but also in communities, it is played by all ages, and there are even exemplary of educational binos. But with this we only want you to become familiar with the variant that best suits you.

The Online Bingo has arrived everywhere, thanks to the extensive platforms of websites that millions of players every day each day. It is the same game you will find in any casino, but more reserved and simple, with the only and main requirement to be over 18 years.

If the excitement of being in the casinos is what you like, do not worry, currently many of these have special rooms to play the typical casino bingo, but virtual.

For large games houses this is important, as they represent profits by not investing in physical cartons. Everything is through a digital screen.


  • In Spain, Bingo was not legal until 1977. Since then it was taking more notoriety, especially in the 1980s. Today is one of the countries that Bingo has more consumers.
  • In 2011, it is when finally regulates the online bingo, even having many safety standards, the players did not entrust everything in this current mode of the game. They conceptualize these pages of managing to people online.
  • Online bingo is not intended only for players who possess real money to invest. You can also play freely, and thanks to this it was possible that this type of platforms will create reliability among consumers. Daily our platforms receive hundreds of new participants.
  • The highest prize in history in Bingo Online occurred in the United Kingdom, it was an occasional game where the user played with 30 cents nothing more. At the end, this person obtained a reward of 7 million euros.
  • Studies confirm that the main point that attracts Bingo online players is the bonus offered by many pages on the Internet. The secondary, and what they value most, is the security and transparency that they can offer.


Although enjoying a great popularity and reception by the players, online bingo, although it is not difficult to understand, it has certain aspects and important elements that not many people take into account when playing.

It is of great importance to understand that, as well as you win real money with online bingo, if you play and lose, there will be no turning back.

The advantage of websites to play bingo is that prizes are much larger than in the casino, the price of cartons is considerably economical, they offer payment facilities, there are games available at all times, and it is possible to play when and anywhere.


Now that you are aware of the types of bingo that exist and how they are played, it is time for you to know what the parameters you should respect for fun and earn cleanly in this particular game of chance.

The rules of Bingo are very few and fairly easy to understand. As we mentioned before, playing bingo is nothing of the other world and does not demand much effort, but it is good that you are attentive. Any information can be valuable.

Next, we present a series of rules to take into account to play bingo online. These will vary depending on the website you use and the game mode you choose.


Whether you’re paying your cards or playing free bingo, when starting each game you have to choose a modality, anyone who offers the game. Whether bingo of 90, bingo of 75 or any other variant that provides the server.

Many of the platforms offer to register as a main rule, when doing this you can connect with other players, and even with your Facebook friends.

To start a game with any of them you only have to challenge them. Here is important that you understand that you can not start a game without finishing the last, unless you leave.

It is one of the basic bingo rules.


When you play online you should know that you do it with many people more than, of course, they are also connected. Online game rooms can be unlimited, depending on the page you use will tell you or not the number of active players and the amount of the prize to win.

Once you choose the mode of your game, you can know the number of cartons you can acquire, this will vary just like the option to play for free. But remember: the more cartons you have, you will have more likely to win.


If the game has suddenly finished, it is because someone won. After this the cartons come out again to start a new game. To be able to win, the rules are that singing “bingo” with the modality you are playing.

That is, if you play the traditional bingo 90, you can sing line or bingo and you will have won. In the same way with the other modalities. The good thing about playing online is that this is usually done all for you. If the casino bingo does not require much effort, imagine this.


It is believed that for gambling it is not possible to have strategies or tricks, because everything is the work of destiny, hence its name “of chance”. Supposedly this is because to get victorious it is a matter of pure luck. Many of the fans say that the theories of game do not serve, luck is what is worth.

The bingo, contrary to those who think, and being a game of chance, has their secret tricks. While luck accompanies, with these “bingo tricks” that we will then give you sure you will have at least one of the night prizes.

Practice playing bingo for free

Especially if you are new, this more than a trick is a tip or suggestion. It is good that you become familiar with the online game first before you start betting or buying cartons for the games. The vast majority of Internet sites offer to play free bingo as well.

In this way you can train you, learn well the management of the game, while you have fun. As soon as you become a professional, you can start participating in real money rooms.

This is considered the strategy for bingo par excellence.

Statistics do not lie, use them by playing bingo

As in other games, the bingo is totally random, but the possibility that a specific number comes out becomes statistical and can be interpreted as advanced mathematics. And since the numbers do not repeat as the game progresses, the odds are becoming larger.

If you play the bingo 90, and have already left 80 listed balls, it may be that the number you expect and you need to win has 1/10 possibilities to leave.

The Universe of Bingo Cardboard Online

Carton or cartons form a fundamental role when playing bingo, that’s why it’s important that you choose yours well. Many tend to choose cards with numbers that mean something important in their lives, but the truth is that it is only superstition.

The strategy in this case is to get a carton that has the same number of numbers pairs and odd, this can make a difference and provide more chances of winning.

Look at not having many cartons, if shopping you will be investing an important amount of money, it is advisable to have no more than three cartons. When playing online make sure you activate the automacon so you do not miss any number.

Choose your proper modality of Bingo Casino Online

It is the recommendation that we make in all games, the modality that you have to be that in which you are better and comfortable with yourself. Are you hurrying, but you still have time for a bingo game? Then maybe a fast game of 75 balls or flash is your best choice.

Also, remember that in each modality you can earn in different ways, take the one that you create the most convenient for you.

Watch the game room of Bingo Casino

If your dream is to be the winner of a great prize, the rooms with many players are what you should choose. But winning in these rooms is not so simple, having more spectators in the game, less are the chances of winning.

If, on the contrary what you are looking for is to win at all costs, the lower influx rooms are more indicated. There will be more possibilities to win if there are few players. Investigate before entering which is the room that best suits your game goal.

“Strategy for Bingo”, so as

“Strategy for Bingo,” is one of the most sought after google tips, and the truth is that playing continuously and getting acquainted with each way of play, is the best way to learn.

Forget about the superstitions and mystical beliefs, in the bingo the rare theories of strategies usually have no place, such is the case of the theory of Granville and Tippet.

This suggests that, as the game progresses, the numbers to leave will come closer to 38, which is half 75. This in case of playing bingo 75 of course. Everything can happen and although it may happen, it is better not to trust this type of strategies.


If you have reached here and you liked everything about bingo, now go to our website and start playing. Start free bingo is now easier and easier, whether you go to the casinos or you like the comfort of your house all the information we have given you here, including the “bingo tricks”, it will be very useful.

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We have already presented you the rules of this wonderful game of chance, but the main one is that you have fun and enjoy. Are you looking for a good place where you can “play online bingo”?, You came to the right place, now enters our website and start winning.

Do not wait any longer, get real money in an easy and fun way. Realing Millionaire with Bingo is no longer just a dream, it can be a real option with the strategies that we have given you in this article, and of course: also with a bit of luck. Either way, you can always practice first playing bingo for free.

What are you waiting for? Put into practice all knowledge and already enter our website, we are waiting for you. Remember: The main strategy for bingo is fun. It was never easier to earn real money playing online.