One of the oldest bet houses in the history of the casinos has been William Hill. Founded in 1934 in the United Kingdom. The origin of your game methods was via postal or telephone exchange. It became, quickly, in one of the most popular sites within the country and in places that go through their borders.

However, the seats began to proliferate around the world abundantly after 1998, when it began the development of computerized systems to offer online modality, launching a digital game mode called Sportsbook. In 2000, the William Hill Game Platform is consolidated in Australian, which meant a resounding success.

Currently, 2317 betting shops only in the United Kingdom, being very important its presence in countries such as: Philippines, Spain, Australia, Gibraltar, Israel, Bulgaria, United States, Italy and 140 countries. Already for 2015 William Hill was a colossus in the world of casinos as he had more than 16000.

The Corporation continues its process of constant expansion and improvement to provide its users with the best experience of chance, both online and physical, anywhere they are.



Since William Hill Casino entered the Internet scope in Spain, he obtained a SPAIN plc company, a company located in Gibraltar. This operation, obeying the rules of the General Directorate of the Order of the Game of Spain (DGOJ), whose primary responsibility is to ensure the legal regulation of the game.

Its functions not only extend to guarantee security regarding the use of the software. First of all, it controls the mobility of money and data processing. The technology used is a random number generator, this implementation is made in order to promote an honest play.

William Hill Casino in its online version uses a high quality software created by Starttech, a company that started in 1999 and, since then, has reached a level of improvement that has placed it among the best.

A sample of this is the multiple prizes that the company has won. The last award was the best platform of the year, granted in 2014, and a year before, one of Best Slots software was granted. These are not the only ones on the list, Starttech has been white of numerous nominations in online poker and in the field of casino games.

It is promoted, in a few words, a safe software that makes algorithms that allow the transparency of the site with the results. Similarly, all results and capital of players are protected in William Hill Casino.


The mobile version of William Hill is very easy to download. It is not heavy and you can place it on your tablet likewise. To bet it is only necessary to go to the menu on the left, there will appear several links in which the different game modalities can be achieved.

In addition, it is possible to do a search by filter where you can easily find the promotions of the day such as coupons, the William Hill Bonds and the most interesting special boats. And this is not all, because you will be able to access a box that will indicate the odds you have to win before betting.

One of the great advantages offered by William Hill Casino is that you have the option to download the full casino platform on your computer. It does not make the browser mandatory. It is only compatible with Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7 or Windows 8 with 512 MB of memory.

It is necessary to point out that the machine must have a minimum of 256 colors so that the beauty of the graphics can be appreciated to the maximum. This is one of the particularities that make the William Hill Casino, its software for computers has been meticulously designed to generate a 3D feel.

However, we make a room. Despite the indicated requirement, which is really minimal, it is not much that can be demanded. It is a fairly competent server. William Hill tries to adapt to any possible use scenario.


This last feature is essential for live games William Hill. It is a wonderful way to enjoy the games as if we were present. In this modality, the client will be attended by a real person in real time. It is available for all types of game. The customer can choose between:

  • Roulette
  • blackjack
  • Baccarat
  • Live poker 24 hours a day
  • Data
  • bingo

The game sessions are carried out from real casino places. In fact, the croupiers are professionals, highly qualified personnel for this trade and have been endorsed by Australian authorities to perform such work. When necessary, the customer can communicate effectively with the croupier through an exclusive chat for it.

Based on delivering the greatest possible realism, the William Hill Casino also has a section available to chat with the players. This will give you an exciting heat to the game because competitors can be returned live, at the same time that they observe on the screen the dynamics of the game that almost leaves the computer.

The live casino experience will cause the user to transfer the virtual dimension towards a 100% real universe without moving from home thanks to their excellent technology oriented to disconnect it from boredom.



This served is well known in the United Kingdom by all the provisions that make up in terms of machines. The same pieces with which you will run into a real casino, are all accessible on your app, or directly in the browser.

Being even more accurate, the games that you can consult to have a diverse entertainment experience go through all the admissible options in casinos around the world. Among them we mention:

  • Board poker
  • Video poker
  • blackjack
  • Jackpot
  • Rollets
  • Arcade games

Comparing with other casinos of the world, the presence of the arcade and video poker may seem different. What are the particularities of these two? It’s very simple. The first consists of retro games of ancient lounge machines, tell the 1980s; The idea is to awaken the nostalgia of the players. They also integrate more modern games such as crossword puzzles, soups of letters and sudoku.

With respect to the video poker, it presents games in real time with international gamblers. They consist of competitions where entry capitals are bet and specific game schedules are respected. They have become quite popular over the years.


Did you ever wondered where you can bet for horses? Do not always go to a hippodrome to win. The truth is that a common bet house offers this service. However, online casinos unfortunately do not give this option.

You’re in luck, William Hill Casino has a long dating offering a similar offer. Horse competitions, dog races, sports competitions or different international events are recorded and left at random and the probability to decide. You can have many profits with results like these.

The advantage of horse betting compared to a common betting house, is that here they can be done from the comfort of the house. It is not necessary to go to a betting center. With just clicking on the browser, you will have the most expedited content.

Likewise, statistics, data, evaluations and analysis are included. In the same way, they indicate historical data, coaches, riders, everything you want. The objective is tilted to the client’s first demands.

As mentioned, other competences can also be part of these bets at William Hill. Check your content daily to verify what your promotions go.


Sports betting games are quite complete, include a wide range of 25 disciplines among which can be chosen: tennis, basketball, soccer, billiards, boxing, cycling, motorsport and many more. They do not have limitations regarding the leagues where you can play.

In football, one of its great successes, makes it possible to bet in the European leagues, in the Champions League, in Americans and although you do not believe it, in Asians, Australian and African. In those parties that are prominent by number of spectators, William Hill could offer up to one hundred and fifty installments at 90 times.

An advantage of William Hill Casino is that it has a special platform called the WTV. It has been created to view live sports events and free access for all clients regardless of their status. The parties are transmitted live so that the client can tune it where it is to make their bets at that time.

The only condition to enjoy this service is to have some money on the online account and have bet any amount during the last 24 hours. In case you do not have such a status, it is also possible to consult narrations in real-time text.

In the same way, horse races can be accessed, but for this purpose is required for such a career. For now, the permission to see this sport is restricted to the United Kingdom, South Africa and Ireland.



From this perspective he has contributed a grain of sand different from other servers. You will check that this casino is particularly different. They have created and manufactured their own game formats that do not coincide with other brands.

To be more specific, this means that each of the slots is presented with a different shaft of composition. It is not, only, of those monotonous presentations that supply in any casino. They have taken a much more extensive step.

We discussed them below:

  • Classic format slots: This device is the one that integrates three mobile rails. Only it can see the central lane to decrease the player’s precision range. This presentation gets it in all physical casinos.
  • Multi-turnt slots: The lines vary from 5 to 50. The more they are introduced, the changes are altered for higher. The rules of the game are conserved.
  • 3D format slots: Although you do not believe it, not all casinos have this option. It is a new modality in which the presentation of the images is dynamized. These casinos are categorized in pieces of higher demand of the computer by having images in three dimensions, varied music and animations.
  • Slots for progressive wells: Also known as Jackpots. They are known for being places of common bet by accumulation of points and increased bets as they are doing patterns in the game.


Just as too many casinos have already shown themselves in their skills, William Hill Casino is not far behind. They have established commercial relations with many institutions such as Novomatic, Microgaming, Yggdrasil or Genesis to offer their products. The truth is that the pieces in question are accompanied by Slot machines Sixty. Its popularity is decanted by the enormous population of players that prefer them.

Among the busiest titles, we highlight the following:

  • Book of Ra
  • Sizzling hot deluxe
  • Starburst
  • Jurassic Park
  • Tomb Raider
  • Immortal Romance
  • A night out
  • Retro Reels Diamond
  • Avalon
  • Halloween Fortune

They qualify their types for different filters. All offer the same game by slot. The difference is concentrated in the themes. For example, movies, action, videogames, magic, cartoons, music, colors, fruits.

The most likely, you have already seen these casinos at some point elsewhere, or be a fan of them as a result of some casino you used to visit. This is explained by the narrow links of William Hill with the most important game houses and video game companies in Europe.

If you walk carefully through the William Hill Casino server you will find many additional options. They will all love you. The machines look great among them. They are wonderful.



Once you start session you will notice the profuse variability of these promotions. William Hill Bono is governed under the subject of playing more to win more. What does that mean exactly? Depending on the games you do, alternate the bonuses. But, as a central axis, the idea of playing is concentrated as if there was not tomorrow.

The list of bonuses for competition and accumulation of points is reduced to the following promotions:

  • Golden chips.: One of the William Hill Greater Bonds. Ante more spins (rollet turns) than you accumulate, you will win points that are reflected in accumulated golden chips. Accumulate 5 to be the best of the month in a 5-day step and you will be awarded.
  • Promotions by recurring deposits: Companies will periodically open that will improve your options to win or increase your capital. For example, if you arrive to deposit EUR 20, you give you free attempts and so on.
  • Deposite bonds greater than 150: This modality is reiterative in enough places. William Hill Bonuses do it as anyone. Make your account add 150 in a single deposit and give you a bonus of 150% of the amount introduced.


I can never miss a casino that is concerned Welcome bonus. Our platform has not stayed behind and have promoted the William Hill Bonvenida Bonus, which has multiple benefits.

With the registry you participate by the William Hill Bonvenida Bonus. It requires that the user be a member of the page and, simultaneously, perform a deposit of at least € 10. It will make you win € 150. The promotion expires at 7 days of registration. Do not miss so such offer! Once the prize has been claimed, it is possible to participate by other competitions of equal scale. Go accumulating your William Hill Promotion Codes.

Have you checked the genius that follows these sites? William Hill Welcome Bonus adds to the list of excellent famous pages with fantastic promotions. It impede this page among many others.


There is no aspect in this device that does not match other web pages. It has the same method of payments according to its functions. Following the guidelines of the Gambling Commission of the United Kingdom, there are many payment methods that are valid by users. For this we deploy the list respected by the organization:

  • Neteller
  • Paypal
  • Mastercard
  • Visa
  • Maestro
  • Paysafe card
  • Skrill

These are the most recognized pages by this niche by a simple reason: as special devices for international transfers, it makes payments much easier. What does that mean? That, unlike banks, official financial institutions, among others, tend to be a little more complicated proceedings of the same magnitude. Tell me because they ask for more procedures or because transfers are more expensive.

Reliability is deposited in these methods. Trust that William Hill Casino will deposit your cash effectively and immediately in these payment methods. In the same way, to claim the money earned you must have a capital gained capital, not by promotions.

Take into account these guidelines and you will have immediate access all the money acquired by your bets.


On the other hand, the data encryption configured in the wide network of Casinos Online It protects monetary transactions from flights of banking, personal or other data that would put customer privacy seriously.

Likewise, the William Hill Casino is one of the most reliable in the world because it employs the SSL protocol that encrypt all data between or leaves the system to hide it in the eyes of third parties, who could have access to them in case of any failure unforeseen In addition, the encryption is audited every month by TST (Technical Sistem Testing) and this increases its reliability.

With regard to customer service, their means of and assistance is completely personalized and availability 24 hours a day. They will give attentive, safe, direct answers for all kinds of problems that are presented to users.

William Hill’s licensing correspond to many institutions. The main one is the Gambling Commission of the United Kingdom. It is deployed all the security and audited protocol of companies to ensure an honest service. All English casinos follow that institution.


A single point makes a difference with this first level casino: more than a training center, it is a platform for betting games. It is not anything to say this. It means that they have the necessary competences to offer slot games, letters, but also sports betting and horse racing. So far they are uy (or none) of the pages you will get on the street have something similar.

In general, they follow a relative behavior pattern that is homologous to the other servers of the same niche. The difference is concentrated in a place where with so little it becomes too much. Between the William Hill Bono, promotions, bets, casinos, everything offered.

Are you not a lover of a good slot machine? Horse racing, billiards, sports have made you earn money with odds? Well, you’re in luck, because William Hill includes all these elements.

Finally, we congratulate a company with a versatility of use and with an extension of so wide consumption. It is a server that is sponsored by the most important football teams in the world, preferred by the English community and offers the most realistic prices on the market. We love announcement such a place. Acquire your William Hill Bonus code and start making money big.