Talk about all casinos is to know a success story and innovation in Offers and online casino promotions, specifically in slot machines.

Your incursion to the public through the social network Facebook, during 2012, it allowed you to reach a total of 20,000 users in less than five months, without the need to make a large advertising investment.

Its managers, taking advantage of a legal vacuum in terms of regulations of Online casino games (Where the slots were excluded, but not the distribution of metallic prizes to users), focused on the creation of an innovative option where the public will pay to play, without the counterpart of the prize to avoid legal sanctions.

Already for the year 2015 All casinos, jointly with Golden Park, S.A (Betting House with Casino and Slots), made up the Australian Group of Australian companies Golden Online S.A. And he acquired his license to operate on the web.

With this great step he managed to obtain the necessary legal conditions and permits to become a firm and consolidated casino, with the game option for real money.

At present, the proposal of All Casinos, whose main headquarters is located in Barcelona Spain, focuses on offering quality; carrying a true virtual replica of a slot machine.

The company works at the best style of Las Vegas real casinos, attracting a large number of fans of these popular casino machines where a welcome bonus bonus is also included.


The most impressive thing about this idea for all casinos is that its diffusion through Facebook has allowed them to enjoy a massive publicity without the need to invest large amounts of money in advertisements and advertising campaigns, unlike the rest of the competition companies that They have needed it.

Nowadays the All Casinos allocate the online slot market and is known as one of the best virtual casinos. His specialty is to take the popular bars slot machines to cyberspace, as if you were in a physical casino and with a very attractive bonuses offer.

By having the support of its main provider, the Australian company MGA, its games present great quality and speed, making all of them a very complete option.


While the focus of Equipment Casinos is to make known for its popular bars slot machines, this is not your only offer in what games are concerned.

On your platform you can choose between bingo games and progressive slots, where the wide variety, colorful designs and options for the game are very attractive for your adepts, in addition to its traditional and very generous welcome bonus.


The computer platform that offers all casinos to its users has the support, trajectory and experience of its main software provider: the MGA company. In this sense, its offer of games contains functionality, speed and great attraction in terms of graphics, designs and color.

By entering the Portal of Equipment Casinos, and start the interaction, you will notice immediately the speed of your server, as well as the friendly friend of your design. In this sense, the experience that your Game Provider provides is a determining factor, supplemented formidable with your welcome bonus allots.

Developed games can be executed from any platform without any problem, giving the portal of all casinos a great competitive advantage. The Games of All Casinos, are adapted and easily integrated to online casino platforms for their formats and graphics of excellent visual appeal.

Additionally, MGA maintains agreements and alliances with large international suppliers of online platforms in the Australian market, guaranteeing the quality of the options offered by Casinos Allows.


All casino is not only accessible for computers. The benefits of this platform are available to be enjoyed on mobile phones and on any new generation smart device, through simple steps that you can find on your portal.

With the same quality that are presented on the web, its games can be executed with perfect functionality in devices versions, whether android or iPhone (iOS), thanks to the optimization of your platform. The interaction is as functional and fast as if you were on the web, but in the comfort of your device.

Enjoying an entertaining game of all casinos is possible through the download of your free app from its portal. The instructions for this download are simple and access them through a link available on your portal with simple steps for download, where you can additionally access a welcome bonus allots.


Currently, you have to be adapted to the new times where smart phones are a fundamental part of the daily work including fun and distraction. A smart phone is our window closest to a welcome promo allots, and the best: totally in Australian.

All casinos, knowing this particularity, also adapted its platform for the offer of a mobile app that adapts to the highest use devices such as Android and iOS.

Its handling is extremely simple and can be obtained by accessing the casino portal where it is explained in detail and easy how to obtain each application according to the technology of the device. The adaptation to the Australian of its platform is unmatched.

In the case of the iPhone app, it can be obtained from the AllotS portal through the indicated access button, or directly in Apple Store. Do not stop having on your mobile the APPLOTS Casinos.

Its installation requires updated versions of the Apple platforms and its size is 7.0 MB, adapting to any of the devices models offered by Apple, whether: iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch.

For the case of Android the process is simpler, and is achieved by accessing the download application directly in the casino completing with a free SMS messaging process. Do it, lower the application, and enjoy a welcome bonus allots.


Although Casino AllOlots does not have a Live Dealer, or live betting controller live, its users can access and enjoy this service on their ally platform: Golden, entering your portal with the same data with the which were recorded in allots.

The competitive advantage offered by this group of companies is that by working together they can provide their audience a varied and complete offer to satisfy various leisure options. Many times live bets result in quite tempting options.

The fact that Casino Allots does not have a casino dealer does not imply that you can not enjoy this particular option. To do this the offer of Golden Park gives you some very funny live roulettes and competitive quality in relation to all offered in the varied Australian online casinos.

To verify your graphic quality and playback and shooting options, just enter your portal with the registration data in allots and you check the fun that awaits you.


The game platform offered by ALLOTS is supported by your MGA main provider, in this sense its games have competitive quality conditions. Its varied offer with regard to slots allows quite sharpness as well as a quick response software.

Another characteristic of the games offered by this portal is that they do not tend to be repetitive, rather are constantly adapting to all kinds of players, whether they are beginners or experts.

In Allots there will always be an option to meet the taste for betting, as well as a good welcome promo, yes, those all-needed all-bonuses.

Although it could be said that the offer of ALLOTS is reduced, this limiting is covered through its ally portal, represented by the Golden Park company, where you can be referred from the same portal of Allows to enjoy other options such as: Rollets, blackjack and sports betting.

In the roulettes of this ally portal, you will find the most famous varieties of this game option such as the American, the French and the European, as well as the multi-established version. Backjack modalities have the classic option and Blackjack Atrarantic City and in them you can also receive the precious Allots Bonuses.

Allots slots are made up of variety of structures and various topics. They comprise three rollers mainly and among some of the titles they offer are: The Witch of Fortuna, Space Mission, Gold Mine, the Great Safari among others of great attractive and striking colors.


The adrenaline generated by gambling are transported to various activities and daily entertainment such as sports activities. To dare to try this option, the important thing is to have the conditions of the game clear, as well as the reputation and reliability of the betting portal.

While all the option does not directly offer this option for gambling, if it is available through your Allied Golden Park where you can do, with all the reliability and honesty that characterizes this group, simple or combined bets as well as various system challenges.

The offer of this ally portal includes various options to choose from: group betting, accumulated bets also known as quinielas, and the best known in simple, triple, double or combined formats. All with the backing and reliability of the Golden Park group.


Allots is known in the online casino market for its Excellent offer of slot, adapting the traditional Slots to cyberspace. This offer of the classic bars of bars is what has given this portal its greatest attractiveness and popularity among users.

Its developers have loved through these popular machines by allowing the player a sensory enjoyment by reproducing real sounds, as well as particular images and lights of these slots, which make it very similar to live enjoyment of this popular game of chance.

In the AllotS slots you can find an absolute coupling since its theme is based on Australian issues by being mainly oriented to this European audience.

In honor of the humorous boy of the road, the so-called “Chiquito slot” was elaborated.

They feature fun and jocular themes as a spatial mission, robbing a bank, among others of great attraction.


Another of the favorite games of bettors is represented by the Classic Roulette., whose main objective is to predict in what number of those that make up the mechanism of the wheel will stop the ball.

By virtue of how attractive this betting system, AllotS also includes this offer within its variety of Slots casino games through the Golden Park portal.

This ally portal gives you a complete range of roulettes that include four types of variety of this game. The American version is one of the simplest of this bet modality, it has the scale scale of one to thirty-six, with a zero and two double zero as options of departure loss.

On the other hand, the French or European roulette, as is also known, has the same scale of numbers, but with a box less for the option of departure loss. That is to say: the possibility of failing is less than American roulette since it does not have the double zero option.

This particularity makes it the preferred from expert players and those who enjoy the idea of achieving greater benefits in each bet, with less likelihood of failure.


Apart from its classics and well-known slots, this portal has video bingo. Its offer includes about twenty-five modalities where you have four contracting cards of five possible values for the bet, and must be made a series of figures indicated at the top, with the first balls.

Not to complete with the first balls, you should buy extra tabs if you wish to try to complete the suggested figure. With each completed figure it is adding awards, which may subsequently change according to the modalities of the portal.

The Bingos videos of this portal have been developed by MGA and have a variety of thematic such as Mariachis, Carnivals, Circus Casinos, among others. They have quite tempting progressive jackpots ranging between 11,000 and 18,000 euros.


Specialized basically in its bar slot supply, this company has more than thirty slot options for all casinos. These virtual machines have the classic three rollers and a symbol as a wildlife figure of varied thematic aimed at satisfying different tastes.

The spirit of the play is basically the same, in each of its more than thirty slot options. This is characterized by a single payment line and three structured reels between three and four special icons with its distinctive wildcard figure between them.

The control panel is intuitive and counts on your screen with a list of symbols with its respective coefficient. They have a progressive jackpot with encouraging and tempting offers for awards in euros, which are explained in detail on their portal, where additionally a live chat will allow you to clarify any questions.

The Slot Offered by this portal, they have the guarantee and prestige of the company MGA, known as a specialist in the execution, development and installation of software related to bar slots.

A quite attractive advantage that the casino slots games present, is that each of those who are promoted on the page clearly indicates at the bottom the prize by which it is betting, allowing the user to determine which game seems more tempting.

Among the great variety of slots that this portal offers, the most outstanding ones are detailed below:


It includes a slot set in a jungle scenario full of adventures and prizes. Its entertaining games, loaded with fruits, offer the possibility of bonuses through a prize line and three reels. It does not have progressive jackpot.


It is a slot with five lines of play inspired by the dark world of pirates. As in all environment of Bucaneros the most striking and representative figures of this slot are made up of diamonds and fruits.

The essence of the game is to spend the first levels with as many bonuses possible to achieve the precious bootist formed by the Treasury Chest among the five prize lines.


It has five lines of combinations set in the distant West of the 19th century, specifically in Arizona. Your bonuses increase the chances of prizes.


His scenography has one of the most striking civilizations as is the Roman. The structure of this slot has a higher level of complexity that is compensated with greater fun and dynamism.

This machine is composed of striking minigames to which it is accessed through bonds and the five lines of prize options.


It has eight lines of play inspired by Superheroes. Its protagonic characters, MR magnificent and Maxgers, are responsible for offering great prizes and bonuses throughout the items.


Set in space, a fun ship called L73spaceship leads us in an adventure towards the universe to obtain bonuses through eight lines of prizes.


If at the excellent attention of your online virtual team we add the exceptional offers of all free bonds, we will find ourselves immersed in one of the most full online casinos.

Its all promotional code includes substantial prizes that range from attending popular sporting events, until the possibility of achieving physical awards such as: telephones, tablets, among other objects of great value.

By entering your platform you will find very striking surprises, as a succulent welcome bonus, which consists of duplicating the amount of your initial deposit, as long as it is up to 200 euros.

This offer extends to the possibility of 70 euros weekly for registered users under this promotion. Attached to this you receive a bonus code allots to improve the experience.

Its consolidated members also enjoy a promotional code all, which allows reimbursements of up to 75 euros, refills up to 50 euros by deposits made and ten euros per day for those who perform fertilizes daily.

Additionally, this platform offers special programming for VIP clients, the particularity of this is that it is not something you can win via raffle. It is obtained by a call by casino personnel to offer you the service.

The key to entering the select VIP group gives you the number of withdrawals you make, as well as your averages in deposits.


In Equipment Casinos, they have the backup security of safer payment platforms such as virtual purses: PayPal, Skrill and Netller. Its processes are simple and with the legal support that such platforms offer its users for depositing and retreat processes.

They are equally accepted Visa and Master credit cards, prepaid cards as well as bank transfers. The only limitation for these transactions is that the owner of the payment format must be the same registered on the Casino AllOlots platform.

In relation to deposits made by electronic purses, as well as through financing with credit cards, they must have a minimum of ten euros.

With respect to withdrawals, they have a minimum of ten euros if they are carried out as electronic purses and Visa cards, and a sixty euro limit with the MasterCard, Bank Transfers or Paysafecard cards.

In the case of income: they are instantaneous, as long as electronic purses and credit cards are used.

As for the retreat of money, its lapse is one day with platforms such as PayPal, Neteller and Skrill, with terms between three and five days for Visa cards and five to seven days with MasterCard and bank transfers.


Bets are always a tempting and great activity to clear up at our leisure time and at the same time to earn an extra money.

In All Casinos you have this possibility not only with bets, but also through its Allocious Bonds, where you also have the support and safety of a responsible and secure casino offer.

In this sense, minors are not admitted, in which case the verification by the portal is carried out through various methods.

One of the most attractive parts of this platform is the option to unsubscribe its users once they detect addiction.

If you are one of those who enjoy the adrenaline of a casino bet online, and at the same time you want to do it responsibly, visit the Equipment Portal and let yourself be trapped by its range of slots at the best style of Las Vegas betting houses, with profits Additional represented by the Allots Bonds.