This page corresponds to a BANEGRAS brand product. It is a company with jurisdiction in Spain, located in Madrid and Valencia. They are part of the Valencian sports betting group (ADV), which emerged in 2011. They are a huge platform that operates in different sectors of Australian territory and high consumption by the Australian-speaking community.

They also have permissions and secure game licenses Spain, play, and auto exclusion +18. They comply with the regulations and minimum requirements of payment, security, reliable management of games and advanced machines that are adjustable by the different entities in question. Juegging enjoys a spacious public and an excellent platform.

As you will see soon on the main page of Jubging, it is a company that is characterized by an extremely extensive product. They have games Slot machines, Slots, live betting, real-time table competitions. All the services required of this type of platforms act according to the demand.

The best of a portal like these is that they distribute the best service of a simple apparatus. They have not been formed with a flat platform that has a unique audience. On the contrary, between bettors and game enthusiasts will be able to use it. Juegging has bets, free games and paying pieces. There is everything.

The Juegging casino will surprise you with everything they have. They are highly competitive, the service is quality, fast care and everything very easy to understand. Do not stop entering a good server completely in Australian. Among the best of the Iberian Peninsula.



At the top of the website you will find a bar with four access options. In the same content is fully oriented fully to games and betting. These are composed by the following topics:

  • Bets
  • Live
  • casino
  • Slots.

In each of these, the most varied content is available. There are many instruments and entertainment devices that you will love you. For them, we degend from a game entertainment system that passes through different areas. They all have the game with real money imperative to generate profits.


With regard to the subdivisions of each section, they go through different subjects that we will indicate later. Its objective is also concentrated in:

  • Promotions
  • Check for tickets
  • News
  • Slots
  • Live Betting Tables
  • Sports tables.

One of the most highlighted aspects for this site is the provision of content and information. This is composed of statistical data. For example, sports betting will be classified by leagues and competences, where detailed information on the teams are offered. For casinos, the amounts of money invested.

On the left side of the JUDGING casino there is a bar that deploys all this information. In the upper bar you will also find access for registration or login.

Finally, there is a customer service and information section. You will leave a message that will be answered shortly for hours and you will get the answers to your cell phone. You just have to leave GameGging data, the number in question and the message.


It is a company with a considerably large offer. Did you look for a place where you could use it as a computer as a mobile phone? Find out that you have created an app where you will take the casino to the place you prefer. It can be downloaded from online Android and iOS stores.

According to the application interface on the mobile, Juegging has several of the game machines on the phone, but not all. They will tell you on the site what are the public’s access. With respect to bets, there are no restrictions, there is a special menu to be able to enter your predictions. They will send you notifications, you will offer you a stature option of consumption, you will let you play for hours on a mobile phone or tablet.

Enter payments and withdraw money from the application of the JUGGING casino is also possible. They have a payments and services sector to which you can consult whatever you want. Its operation is not different from that of the browser application.

How comfortable this app is that you will be able to enjoy almost all content, between live games, slot machines, information and sports betting. With an attractive presentation and an efficient server, they have everything for players.



The portal is divided, essentially, in three nuclei and this is the first. It is a section of introduction to the consumer. It will inform you of the most demanded competences, the sports skills that have the most public and the next sports that will be celebrated on the venue dates.

Another topic that you will find here concerns the Jubging Bonus. There is an area of promos and ticket consultations. In case you want to withdraw your promotion code.

There is news that have been renewed daily. In them the most quoted sports matches are discussed for the month. In the same way, there are sections of advertising with which you will run away.

Successively, they send notifications with their last tweets, which indicate promotions, prizes, among others. If you were looking to win in a complementary manner with the Juegging Casino, they will tell you how in this sector.

Close this sector with a section dedicated to the mobile site. They give a description of how to download it and what platforms. It is only available for Android and iOS. It is downloaded from any device that includes any of these two stores. It appears with the same game of Juegging casino.


The main attraction of the page. The Jubging casino has different components that make it very nourished and wide. There are many recognized slots and slot names, as well as being available in computer and mobile format. They are divided into:

  • Rollets
  • blackjack
  • Point and Banking
  • Slots
  • Mobile.

The thickness of the Judging casino is concentrated in the slots. There are a large number of games in this sector. They consist of the classic slot systems with drums and rails that are found on any website.

One of the most attractive points is also the point and bench, which you will only find it here. For this sense, we talk about a bet game 1 to 1, that is, a game left at random where you predict you earn or bench. That’s all. Payments are 8-1. It is a popular game in some places in Spain that have been integrated here. When you access you you will run into a baccarat table.

Finally, you will notice that there is a mobile button. That means that they are the Slots games available on your cell phone. As not all machines are accessible in the application of the stores, then some specific titles have been integrated that you can enjoy in Juegging.


Just as the exception of particularities is made, you will also enjoy the most common and classic casinos. Let’s make a detailed description of them so that, in case you do not know your rules or how they are presented on the page, you can also enjoy them.

  • Poker: Strategy game for card combos. You will have two cards in hand and five common at the table. You must do patterns from coincidences that differ in values.
  • blackjack: You have to reach and get as close as possible to the number 21. You face the table or other players. Whoever achieves that number with the value of their letters, will win.
  • Slots: Slot games where you must align at least three figures on a screen. The coincidences can be given in a horizontal or diagonal line.
  • Roulette: A table with 36 red and black boxes is in front of the player, bets on them are placed. Then, you throw a white hell on a rotating container. Where the ball falls, will be the winning box.
  • bingo: You have a tablet with numbers. Many figures are announced. If they are aligned in 5 consecutive patterns in each of the vertical boxes, that is, there is a covered picture, you will scream bingo and you won.


It will be sensational everything you will find. Something unique and unique from this portal is that all your games are made by them. That is, its titles are completely manufactured by them, you will not see them anywhere else. Another advantage that is most is made entirely in Australian.

Juegging in his Slots section has two modalities of games, one for slots, another for bingos. In the same way, some of the titles are indicated that they are for mobile (specifically 11 of them). You will recognize it by a red tag in the upper left corner that says “Mobile”. However, you can use it in the same way, it is applicable to any of the employment formats.

A particularity that they all have is that there is availability of demos presentations. How does it work? It has the behavior of a lucky welcome bonus for Juegging. You will let you try the game for free for some attempts without paying anything. It’s just an introduction, a presentation. Its use is not indefinite, it is only available by some attempts.

Among the most quoted names of the Slots, we highlight:

  • Candy Dreams
  • Mr. Grand
  • Celtic
  • Circus Bingo
  • Mariachis
  • Pirates Bingo
  • Secret Romance
  • Gold Sheet.


This section is really very complex and quite nourished for Juegging. The first thing you will see when accessing these bets is a very extensive list of boards with statistics and numbers. Each of them corresponds to a competition of a sport. The numbers within them refer to the amount of bettors available and the profits that would be received.

On the left side of the Jugging casino in your Live sector, the games that are being disputed at the time of consultation will appear. Another information filter tool is that of “upcoming”. In this, the games are deployed by playing that same day after a few days later.

You can also change the sport you want to compete. There are any number of options to public access, for example:

  • Football
  • Tennis
  • Basketball
  • Golf
  • Hockey
  • Marathons
  • Bicycle tours.


Each discipline is also subdivided into all possible events, from leagues, championships, female game formats, children, special competences, among others. Casino Juegging will seek to be very detailed in this aspect. They do not leave almost any discipline on the outside.

To make your bet, you must only press on the title of the competition, mark the box of who you think will earn and enter the required data (winner or draw, who will mark number of scored points), and the money to deposit.


There is another section that is very attractive to many, although it has few options deployed. Between these we have roulettes, baccarat and Other casino games. Its audience is number and profits for quite large bets.

The Judging Casino for the Roulette sector has the option of both language change, with a provision in English, Australian and French. Complementary, roulettes are composed by individual or live games. Finally, you will also find the labels of those that are available for the mobile app.

Blackjack is another attractive to play. There are two available tables, the Atlantic City Blackjack and the Classic Blackjack. Either one is the same in format, the presentations are also very similar. Some game bonuses apply for it.

With respect to Baccarat, there is only one traditional game option, on a single table and is not accessible through the app. Its content matches in use with any other page and any common presentation for this type of game.

Finally, if you are also a loving of the slots, they are filtered by themes, premium formats or separated by bingos and slot. The content of the game can be renewed continuously.



Before you start searching on the page of some game Jugging Bonus that takes you to a section that says Jueggin Bonus of Welcome, we warn you that you will not find such an option. A particularity of the Judging Casino is that it does not have this type of bonus, which has marked a big difference with respect to other online casinos that make it competence.

Many users have wanted to see in this aspect an irreparable disadvantage because the long-awaited welcome bonus would mean a great push for those who do not have enough money to start their bets at the Juegging Casino, or behave, simply, with The introduction to the game.

But do not be discouraged or judged the first one. In the world of chance there are infinite options to take advantage of the game. Not only the subscription bonuses indicate the quality of the betting house, provided that a benefit is suppressed, parallel, others so that the user never stops playing.

That is why we invite you to stay so you know about some interesting alternatives that will help you get a bonus game by supporting what the casino offers, so we start to see the alternatives you will have at your disposal.

Yes you will find demonstrations of each game in a design without payments, so you can habitat the game. There are also events where quantuous prizes are offered.


The reason why this casino has left aside the permanent bonus game is that these promotions do not generate emotion in the game. This is why they have designed their bonus offer in an interesting modality of rotating offers that force the user to be aware of the new online casino bonuses.

The online casino Juegging dedicates a section to the bonuses and prizes called “Promotions” that you can get at the beginning of the platform. There the new Juegging Bonus that are updating each week appear. The recommendable thing is to be attentive to the expiration dates of the bonds because they are usually short.

However, they have a wide range, especially as far as the sports betting of the most popular teams in Spain are concerned. You can choose between bonuses for real money, free betting, and even bonuses for giving t-shirts or inviting your friends to the game.

It is likely that to activate them you must activate a promotional code game available in each promotion section. A game Bono code consists of a serial formed by letters and numbers that you must enter on the indicated site to enjoy your bonus. Almost everyone needs a promotional code game.


JUDGING only accepts two payment methods: credit card and bank transfers. If you want to make a deposit from your game bonus, or simply add money to your account, you can do it through a Visa, Visa Electron, Mastercard or Master card. Using any of them you can enjoy your money immediately and safely because the casino does not save the personal data of the clients.

The steps are very simple, just enter and log in. Then, access the “My Account” section and in the window that says “income”. Fill the fields with your data along with the amount you want to deposit in your account. They will ask you to ratify the validity of the information you just provide, once this is done the money will come to your account instantly.

But, if you are the holder of a bank account, you can also add money through a transfer. If you want, you can do so by going to a physical entity of the bank or online banking with the condition that it is not an amount less than 10 euros or greater than 1000 euros. The data from the casino accounts are in the transfers window on the web.


To withdraw the funds you have accumulated in your StartGing account, you have two ways: cash or bank transfer. One of the strengths of this casino is a modality called Hal Cash. It is a banking service that provides the ease of transferring money to the beneficiary’s mobile using a text message.

Then the user will be able to withdraw their funds in cash from any ATM affiliated with Hal Cash, among which are the Banco Pastor, Banco Evo, Banco Popular, Bankinter or Board. The amount of money you can get is limited by each bank, which, in general, is not greater than 50 euros. It is also relevant to point out that you must be the owner of an account of any of the Banks of the Hal Cash network. This modality is incredibly efficient, so encourage yourself to activate the bonus code game.

If you decide to use the bank transfer method, you must enter your account, then click “Removal” and choose the section that says “Bank Transfer”. There you will ask you to put the desired balance together with your bank account number and password by You can have your money in 72 working hours from Monday to Friday.


The fans of online games know very well the restrictions that exist in the Australian market with respect to this type of content. There are a handful of options, but it is always less than the number of games available internationally. Equally, to the foreigner the Production of online casinos, it is rarely achieved in Australian. Therefore, attending this absence, Juegging complements and nourishes the national market.

He earns real money playing on his machines and making sports betting. Complement your income with lucrative game bonds. They are awarded to faithful players, at first time or by attending a certain event. Win awards in physicist if you are a good and recurrent gambler. The Welcome bonus For Juegging is very good, it gives many facilities within the page.

It is true that the number of pieces is considerably less than other pages of foreign countries. However, they include optimal options that give you a privileged place, for example, demos and low bet payments.

Juegging competes with other servers being a site completely in Australian with games that pass from Slots, Bingos, Blackjack, Roulettes, among others. All of them are the feeling in this market. This platform marks a pattern.