Did you know that the Egyptians, in the 2,000 before Christ, had already been carved the first six-sided die, and that the Roman emperors also spent the dead hours betting? Indeed, the Games of Azar were not born yesterday, but have been accompanied by millennia. In fact, the old house houses were villas where the wealthy people gathered to play and bet as a form of entertainment. To this day, we know this about the Casino name, and although the game has derived in other ways, the basic principle continues to maintain: fun and hobby. With the arrival of technology and the virtual world, the casinos were not left behind and also transferred to the Internet in the mid-1970s. Very slowly, they started offering their games on an online way and more and more the Starters They started using this virtual service. In this way, it became easier to play and bet, because now you could play from home to the Roulette, to slot machines, bingo or to the Data. It is true that you earn in comfort and get lost when enjoying the atmosphere that offers you a real casino, but who does not like to play some games from the armchair of your living room?

That same question was raised the Casino Circus and made it a reality, creating a whole virtual world by and for the game. Also, this casino not only lets you enjoy play poker And to the slots online, but also offers you the opportunity to make sports betting to increase your adrenaline. It is, in short, an all-inclusive game room.

Circus is a business group at European level, based in Belgium, under which EUROBOX S.A is located, a Australian company that has numerous casinos in the country and with more than 30 years of experience in the gambling sector. This entity is registered by the General Directorate of Game Management (DGOJ) in Spain, so its games systems are fully approved. Therefore, the company complies with all legal requirements regarding terms and conditions of casinos, license, security and data protection.

Currently, although from not long ago, they offer their presence through the virtual world, not only offering itself as the online Casino Circus, but also a safe betting house. Casino Circus has live games and endless promotions and others Interesting bonuses, so the best thing is that we will discover it thoroughly.


The Circus casino works only through its website, so it does not have any type of software to download, nor does it have an app for Android or iOS. In addition, for now it seems that Casino Circus is not intended to launch any news in this aspect.

Even so, you can play the Circus Casino from your desktop computer, from your mobile or from your tablet with just open the web browser. The Circus interface is very intuitive and is designed so you can play your Favorite slots. From any device. The website is very simple to use, and although a software would not be necessary, perhaps the development of an application could be an advantage.


Circus Casino has a wide variety of free games for weekends to be flying. Once you complete the registration process and create your user, you will be able to access all of them and enjoy Circus Bonds. The most popular games of Circus are the typical of all Casinos Online: Poker, Roulette, Blackjack, Slots … but in Circus Casino you can also find a live roulette and video bingo.

Even so, one of the strongest points of Circus is that this online casino is also a betting house, and allows you so much to play and bet online. Circus has bets for almost any event, in any tournament and for a huge variety of sports. In fact, it also offers live and last minute betting, as well as combined bets, in which you can bet at several events at once in order to increase your profits.

The main sports you can find in Circus are football, football and Australian, handball, basketball, tennis and ice hockey. Even so, you can also bet on Formula 1, in Cycling, Boxing, Rugby, Volleyball, Golf, in Waterpolo and even in the darts. If you like sports and you want to add a little adrenaline to your favorite event, then this is your chance. You can make your bets before the tournament begins or while you are playing.


And what to say about the Slot machines of Casino Circus? The truth is that in Circus Casino there have been no short in this aspect. It must be said that they have an extensive variety with almost 130 slot machines of different themes, from “Chiquito” (inspired by the famous comic dancer and Australian humorist) to the classic “The Gold Mine”, with which you can have a great time The same time you can take a good cash prize for your piggy bank. In addition, in Circus they also have the demo version available from each of them, so that you can try the machines before joining really playing.

In case this knew you by little … nothing more to start you receive a welcome bonus of 200 euros when making your registration. Said casino bonus can be spent on any of the available games and thus start accumulating profits quickly and without having to spend a single euro.

In Circus there are too many slots to tell them all, so it is best to visit the section and judge by yourself. Of course, among the most popular and triumphant are the famous “Black Jack” (in the form of slots), the classic varied theme, such as “Boost Racers”, “Jocker Pro”, “the pirate treasure 5000” or “La Taberna “And, of course, the legendary” Roulettes “, all of them with the Fun Guarantee Netent, G1 and MGA. To pull the lever!


You can openly say that the Circus Bonds know very well how to receive a new player as it is due, and shows this is the welcome bonus of up to 100 euros, which is given directly at the time when making your first Deposit. This welcome bonus gets nothing more to make your first income, with a minimum deposit of 10 euros and maximum of 100. This welcome promotion makes you delivery 100% equivalent to the amount you have entered, so that you start playing, literally , double preparation. For example, if you encourage you and enter the maximum amount of 100 euros, then you can benefit from the entirely 100 euros, receiving another 100 euros so that you spend the games that you like most.

On the other hand, you can also find Circus Promotional Code and Circus Bonus Code from time to time, so stay attentively, whenever you can. Also, for just registering, the casino gives you 5 euros of entry. Others of the main Circus Bonds that you can get are:

  • Between friends: This casino also wants to be friends with your friends, so for every friend who will bring you, they will give you 20 euros to play.
  • Fidelity award: Not all are going to be circus welcome bonds, but also rewards fidelity. Each time you accumulate 1000 points, you will be given 10 euros to keep accumulating profits.
  • Bets: In sports betting you can also find bonuses and promotions. For example, with the offer ‘feebet’, with each bet of 20 euros at least in league matches, another bet of 10 euros is given.
  • Every month: Estate the parrot of all the news because each month publish new offers or promotions of each of the casino products (sports betting, games, etc.) that will allow you to continue adding and winning.


Circus offers several methods of payment, with a minimum amount of 10 euros for deposits and a maximum of 10,000 euros per month. In addition, you do not charge any kind of commission, nor when you deposit money or when it comes to removing it. To make a deposit, you will only need to go to the cashier of your virtual account, choose the payment method you prefer, and fill in the data until the transaction is completed. The Casino Circus allows you to use debit cards or type Visa, MasterCard, Master or American Express, the Electronic Hipayal Purse and the Paysafecard Prepaid Card.

  • HiPay: This purse uses your credit card to deposit money in your account in a very simple way. Choose the card you are going to use, fill in the data that is requested and confirmed by the transaction.
  • PaysafeCard: This type of prepaid card does not store your banking or personal data, so it is totally secure. You can find it in different establishments, such as stagntes, gas stations, etc.


When it comes to withdrawing money at a Casino Circus, first check that you have no debt with it and that you have fulfilled all the requirements, or what comes to have played clean. Then, the process is again very simple and has no complication. To withdraw the money to your bank account Your name should be exactly the same in the form that you fill out when you register in the casino and in the bank account you want to deposit such money. Bank transfer is the only possible method in this case.

Circus is a registered casino with a license granted by the DGOJ, so it is a totally safe place. Here you can play without fear of being scammed and you should not be afraid of your data and information either. Everything is fully protected. In fact, the casino does not store your payment data when making a deposit, but the process passes through the payment gateway. Thus, neither the verification data, nor the data of your card appear in the casino files.

On the other hand, if you have any questions or you need to make a query, Circus puts at your disposal an email address and a postal address, as well as a section within your own website with answers to frequently asked questions. There you will also find a form. Good customer service is also important!


Casino Circus is one of the most reliable options to play more classic games online and enjoy the most interesting sports betting, in a wide variety of sports. Also, thanks to its bonuses and promotions, encourage yourself to play with real money and win prizes and cash getting much easier. Sports betting are also another way to win and entertain. Why not tempt lucky and meanwhile to have fun a little?